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Amazing Stuffed Onion

onion Nothing says comfort food like roasted onions. Try this quick, surprisingly good recipe. Serve with a tortilla or some fried bread for sopping up the juices. 

Take a rather large onion; cut off the top one fourth of it and set it aside to be the lid. Carve out the center of the onion, leaving enough layers along the side so that the onion maintains its shape.
Place seasoned hamburger into the cavity of the onion. You can add cooked rice or torn bread to the meat before placing it into the onion if you like.
Put the lid back on the onion, wrap in heavy foil, and place on coals. Cook, turning occasionally, until the hamburger is completely done. Unwrap carefully and eat.

 – adapted from a recipe by the South Dakota Departments of Health and Game, Fish, and Parks, Roughin’ It Lite

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