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Personal First Aid Kit

A well-stocked personal first aid kit is one of the Ten Essentials and must be carried by anyone venturing into the wilderness. Being properly prepared with first aid supplies can keep a minor injury from becoming a trip ending event. When traveling with a guided group, your trip leaders will carry a large, group-sized kit but you will still need to carry your own personal kit with you.

Store bought first aid kits are one option and can be purchased at outdoor stores. When shopping, look for kits with quality components. An online source appears at the end of this article. Keep in mind that you will not need to purchase a first aid kit designed for a large group. Look for a kit that is intended for use by one or two people.

Many hikers choose to put together a kit of their own design. If you decide to assemble your own first aid kit, shop for kit components at drug stores or on the internet. Try to keep your first aid kit small and simple. Be sure to package your kit in a waterproof bag or case. An example of a good personal kit would include at a minimum:


Whether you purchased you first aid kit or made your own, the following things are important to remember:

  • Be sure that you know how to use all of the items in your kit.
  • Check your kit before each trip and replace used or expired components.
  • Dont forget to add any personal medications that you have been prescribed.


Wilderness Medicine Institute

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  1. Rick Says:

    Great stuff! Also, bring a pill bottle full of salt (dehydration and irrigation of wounds in backcountry) and duct tape (closing wounds, as well as other essential repairs). The duct tape may be wound around the pill bottle!

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